Creative Logic Digital Marketing


How Creative Logic Digital Marketing Can Meet Your Marketing and Design Needs


How We Work

Creative Logic works with you to determine your digital marketing needs.  We want to build a long-term partnership with our clients, get to know their business objectives and provide the best possible solution to meet those goals.  Creative Logic provides more than just SEO consulting services. We implement a custom strategy for all of our clients to help maximize each individual return on investment.

The Process

Technical and SEO Website Audit

Website Audit

One of the most critical pieces of our SEO puzzle is to perform a thorough website audit.  We need to know where your website stands now and how it got there.  We use many metrics to determine what actions we need to take to improve your websites customer visibility.  We will discuss any technical and design impediments that may exist, and address them.
Website Analysis and Strategy

From Analyzing to Strategizing

After an audit has been performed, the magic starts to happen.  Creative Logic will determine the best approach to improve search engine results for your business.  We incorporate all aspects of search engine optimization to meet each of our client's unique goals.

Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation


Once the audit has taken place, and a strategy has been devised, Creative Logic gets down to business.  The implementation of your SEO campaign begins.  Based on the results of your website audit and analysis, we tackle each impediment and improvement to your website piece by piece.  This can involve many different elements of search engine optimization, including on-page optimization, title tags, link building and more.
SEO Reporting

Reporting Results

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Creative Logic believes in honest, transparent reporting.  Each week or month (depending on the campaign) you will receive a custom report highlighting various metrics such as rankings, link building, actionable development tasks, domain authority and much more.  We can even show you how your competitors are performing in comparison.