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web design and search engine optimizationAt Creative Logic Digital Marketing every single one of our SEO packages is custom.  We start all of our projects off with a serious website audit and evaluation.  We develop recommendations based on website issues, performance and your particular goals.  This involves a comprehensive technical audit as well as a surface level audit.  We need to know what platform was used to build your website, how it is hosted and a variety of other technical factors.  This ensures that we have a comprehensive solution for each of our clients.  It is not just about keywords and paid ads.

For our clients who are starting from scratch, we will always use the most current standards and best practices to ensure that your first digital impression is a great one.  We can build a website from the ground up to meet all of your needs, with technology that won’t be here today and gone tomorrow.

If you already have a website, never fear, Creative Logic can audit your current website and make recommendations based on our audit.  With your goals in mind, we can get your website right where it belongs, in the face of your customers.  Search engine optimization and marketing are more than just keywords and rankings. Creative Logic Digital Marketing is a proven, reliable company that provides honest results in a total digital marketing experience.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Keyword Research
Keyword Research
An important way to strike success with your Search Engine Optimization offensive is to target the right keywords. Content can be king, but without the right keywords you are surely missing visitors to your website daily.

On-page Optimization
On-Page Optimization
Get that juicy organic traffic you have been craving with Creative Logic on-page optimization services. Through creative and unique content writing, keywords, meta tags, markup, title tags and more. Creative Logic has what it takes to handle all of your Search Engine Marketing needs.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Let Creative Logic keep up with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts in a genuine way that conveys the authenticity of your product/message and core values. We can create brand recognition and be the voice to your social network marketing campaigns.
Link Building
Link Building
Inbound links are critical to your websites trust and ranking. Creative Logic knows how to build valuable links that allow your customers to find you before they find your competition.

Video Optimization
Video Optimization receives over 1 billion monthly visitors and 100 hours of video are uploaded every single minute. Creative Logic believes that video marketing is very important and studies agree. Don’t let your videos miss potential viewers. With research showing that businesses who upload Youtube videos to their websites rank higher in SERPS, Creative Logic Digital Marketing can make those videos count.

Website Design
Web Design with SEO in Mind
Want to build an amazing search engine worthy website from the ground up? We do too! Without taking SEO into consideration you are cutting your brand new, amazing looking website short. Creative Logic SEO is up to terms on the new SEO best practices of design, structure and platform, to ensure that your website has great optimization with a perfect balance of form and function. If you build for your customers, they will come.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Free Website/SEO Analysis
  • Video Optimization